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“Lets share responsibilities, for AIDS-Free generation”

Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC)

It also known as Shakti Clinic, with HIV Testing & Counseling services, are available in all Municipal & Government hospitals in Mumbai.

Services at ICTC :-

  1. HIV testing services are available free of cost. OPD paper is not required for walk-in-clients.
  2. At ICTC, each individual is provided information about basics of HIV & routes of transmission of the infection.  The person is asked a few questions to access his / her risks before HIV testing.
  3. Written/Verbal Consent is taken from the person before HIV testing.
  4. Confidentiality is maintained about test result.
  5. The report (Negative/Positive) is discussed with the person in post-test counseling.
    • If report is Negative, the person is counselled to undertake measures for reducing risks in one’s behavior.
    • If report is Positive, counseling & support is provided to the person for acceptance of HIV positive status & the person is referred to the nearest Care, Support and Treatment centre to start Antiretroviral Treatment.


Facility Integrated ICTC (FICTC)

  1. HIV Screening services (FICTC) are  available at municipal dispensaries & maternity homes.
  2. HIV Screening is carried out by Finger prick test, drawing 2 drops of Blood.
  3. The test result is available within 20 minutes.
  4. Complete confidentiality is maintained while sharing the test result.
  5. Clients with reactive test result must visit ICTC for confirmation of HIV Status.


HIV testing at ICTC

  1. The HIV testing at Integrated Counseling and Testing Center by using HIV Rapid test.  3 different Rapid test kits with different principles are used as per national HIV testing algorithm for ensuring high quality and standards.


PEP – Post Exposure Prophylaxis

  1. Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) refers to comprehensive medical management to minimize the risk of infection following potential exposure to blood-borne pathogens (HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C).
  2. PEP is presently being provided to Health Care Personnel for occupational exposure to potentially infected source and cases of sexual assault.
  3. It is free of cost, available in all ICTCs & ART centres in Mumbai.